September 16, 2016

This week in the workplace: Ageism, the wage gap, and diversity

This week in the workplace:

Ageism, the wage gap, and diversity




Silicon Valley’s not-so-secret bias: Ageism

Despite having the right kind of experience and plenty of talent many people over 40 are struggling to land Bay Area tech jobs.In Silicon Valley’s youth culture executives are upfront about their hiring preference for engineers fresh out of college. Called “one of the most ageist places in America,” Silicon Valley can’t hide the pervasive lack of gray hair and wrinkles in its workforce and it’s starting to get some of the major tech companies in trouble.

10 tools to help your company improve diversity

Unitive was named number three on a list of 10 tools to help your company improve diversity. Check out the rest of the list to get insightful tips to apply to your workplace.

What are agility scales?

An agility scale takes one specific topic or key decision area (such as Objectives, Performance, and Compensation) and shows that there is a range of options for making decisions, from purely hierarchical (management decides) to purely networked (employees decide). In between these extremes, the agility scales allow for intermediate positions, such as managers consulting the teams, and teams asking the managers.

Think of it this way, each organization is like a different city, in a different environment, with different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, in each company, and at each organizational level, we need to balance hierarchies and networks in different ways. You can achieve that by evaluating the agility scales separately for each team, unit, department, and organization.

Combating bias and discrimination on Airbnb

Fighting discrimination and creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere is the mission behind Airbnb’s latest four changes that will impact the way their platform works moving forward. “These steps are just the beginning, not the end, of our efforts to combat bias and discrimination.” Brian Chesky CEO, Co-founder.

Hollywood, let’s see you work harder to look like us

Movies help viewers better understand our world which is why we need diversity in Hollywood. Our founder and CEO Laura Mather says “movies shape our fundamental perceptions of the world. They interpret our collective experience for us, show us who is empowered and who is not, and distill our understanding of major historical events…We’re definitely looking at you Hollywood, let’s see you work harder to look like us.”

Men with only 2 years work experience earn more than women with 6

According to a new analysis published Tuesday by left-leaning think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), women’s average earnings ten years after they enrolled in college are lower than men’s average earnings six years after enrolling. The primary takeaway is two years after graduation, men generally earn more than women who have been in the workforce for six years.