September 7, 2016

This week in the workplace: Data-driven hiring and acquiring

This week in the workplace:

Data-driven hiring and acquiring




What olympics coverage can teach the fortune 1000

Who knew when watching the Olympic’s media coverage that business lessons could be learned? Unitive’s own, CEO Laura Mather, had this to say on the topic of bias being reinforced through language, “Does bias create language, or does language create bias? Either way, Olympics coverage is a master class in the subtle ways unconscious bias is expressed and reinforced through language. Whether it’s describing heptathlete Jessica Ennis Hill as a new mom instead of as a former gold medal winner, or complaining about Gabby Douglas’ “unkempt” hair, how we talk about women hugely impacts how we think about them, and vice versa. When we think of female athletes primarily as wives, mothers or aesthetic objects, we reinforce the idea that they aren’t “real” athletes, that they aren’t as serious as male Olympians and that their professional endeavors matter less.”

CareerBuilder acquires Workterra

CareerBuilder, a company best known for its online job boards, said Tuesday it has acquired California-based benefits administration and talent management software company Workterra. This acquisition is another in a series in the HRtech space, which now includes pre-hiring services, job distribution, sourcing workflow, and analytics.

Lack of representation not accepted by female scientist

Princeton University neuroscientist Dr. Yael Niv said that she and her colleagues believed that the gap between the ratio of the women in the field and on panels was primarily the result of implicit bias. Niv said “Implicit bias is just that — implicit: We are not aware of it… We are not saying that conference organizers are bigots and purposefully discriminating; they just can’t help it.”

“Hey bosses, we want you to get to know us”

Talent managers should continue to question employees long after the initial interview to help ensure they’re happy and productive. Too frequently, the interest talent leaders demonstrate when determining if candidates should be extended an employment offer runs dry when they join the team. Research consistently suggests that employees across all five generations that make up today’s workforce want their bosses to get to know them!

Common human challenges when hiring candidates

Comprehensive reviews of data in the Personality and Social Psychology Review article Accuracy of Deception Judgements found that, on average, humans are marginally better lie detectors than sheer chance itself. Which is why the usual methods for sifting through potential candidates resumes and during interviews more often result in headache and error than what we’re striving at Unitive to create: hiring nirvana. Sign up now to try it!