December 7, 2017

Diversity & Inclusion solution Talent Sonar NOW integrates with Workday!

Have you heard the news? Talent Sonar now integrates with Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources! We couldn’t be more excited about this seamless end-to-end integration now available for Workday users everywhere.

This new Talent Sonar-Workday integration offers:

  • A dedicated hiring manager portal allowing hiring managers to focus on hiring tasks without signing in to Workday.
  • Jobs that seamlessly pull into Talent Sonar from Workday
  • Candidates automatically pull into Talent Sonar from Workday for seamless hiring manager review & feedback
  • Resume review scores and Interviewer feedback are attached to the candidate profile in Workday for quick and simple Recruiter visibility.  

We’ve made it easy for hiring teams to leverage Talent Sonar for all Workday customers.  

Want to experience the relationship in action? 

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Read on for a roundup of headlines that got our attention this week as well as resources you can take back to your team.

What we’re reading

Former Wall Street powerhouse and current CEO of Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck takes to the NYT opinion pages to translate what the prevalence of sexual harassment means for bottom lines and the ROI of high performing teams. “The bigger cots derives from how women’s ideas are discounted and their talent ignored,” she writes, and gives the striking personal example of a Silicon Valley VC mansplaining her on the subject of financial advisers when Krawcheck has managed more financial advisers in her career than probably anyone in the country.

Ellen Pao’s latest Medium post for Project Include reaffirms the importance of measuring and reporting on employee and individual demographics and highlights what Asana has accomplished with their three-pillar approach.

LinkedIn’s news editor Caroline Fairchild interviews Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls CODE on the results of LinkedIn’s second annual survey on diversity in VC and startups. Bryant issues a reminder and a challenge to workplaces to increase the emphasis on racial inclusion, not just gender inclusion.

Resources for team builders

Guide: How to Build a Successful Team

The New York Times’s “Corner Office” columnist Adam Bryant distills the advice and wisdom he’s garnered from his years of interviewing over 500 executives about how to foster a strong sense of teamwork. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves: 1) Set a clear and measurable plan for the desired end hire 2) Define the values that are foundational to your team’s culture and 3) Articulate them clearly to your team and stick to them.

Webinar: Making Feedback Work for Everybody

The NeuroLeadership Institute’s Dr. David Rock (Director, NLI) and Harvard Professor Dr. Bob Kegan  review why old feedback habits aren’t cutting it, and what’s working in new research-driven techniques. As Dr. Kegan has said, you can either “feast on your weaknesses, or starve on your ego.” Most people want to stay in the comfort of the areas they excel in, he said, which actually makes it harder to improve. The shortest route to getting better is by getting someone to shed light on where you have room to grow.

Webinar: 2018 Employee Wellbeing and Engagement Predictions

Virgin Pulse’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rajiv Kumar, shares employee wellbeing predictions from thought leaders across the globe. You’ll get an advance look into the future of wellbeing, highlighting areas of innovation and opportunity for employers.