August 3, 2016

Empowering all companies to meet the needs of a 21st century workforce


From tech companies to universities, America is trying to combat bias across sectors. We’ve tried diversity trainings and sensitivity lectures, all in a good faith effort to make our workplaces more representative of our incredible and diverse talent pool. Yet translating all our good intentions into meaningful change remains an unresolved challenge for enterprises large and small.


As a woman, engineer, and entrepreneur, I understand the urgency of achieving workforce diversity from all angles. At the time I built my career in computer science, very few women and people of color were entering the field. Working for the National Security Agency and eBay, and then launching my own company, Silver Tail, I was frequently the only woman in the room. I became all too familiar with that uncomfortable feeling that there’s only one kind of employee – and it’s not you.


Running my own business made me realize that strong, competitive enterprises are also diverse enterprises. Research shows that unconscious bias interferes with companies’ ability to attract top talent and optimize success in the competitive global market; Silver Tail confirmed it. The diversity of voices – the different approaches to problem solving, the willingness to embrace those differences and work together – is what gave the company its unique competitive edge.


After selling Sliver Tail, I decided to deploy the latest research about data-driven decision-making in my new software, Unitive, a hiring platform that eliminates bias from the hiring process while cutting time to hire in half. With Unitive, companies can build teams as strong and competitive as my Silver Tail cybercrime fighting cohort, while saving on a high-value resource that can’t ever be recouped: time.


In developing the platform, I came to realize that the unsung heroes of hiring were not CEOs or HR directors, but the every-day managers who get tasked with hiring new talent for their teams, yet never have access to the robust technology that makes life easier for hiring professionals. So instead of creating another tool for an HR department to use, I made Unitive a platform that works for anyone with hires to makes. The software partners with users throughout the hiring process – from the first draft of a job description to the final interview question – bringing data, structure, and support to every hiring decision.


Empowering managers to streamline and de-bias the hiring process means companies can finally operationalize their commitment to diversity while saving the valuable time of their managers, who can go back to their real jobs more quickly, supported by their excellent – and diverse! – new hires.


I’m so excited to share the platform that Unitive’s software is now available for free to managers at companies of all sizes: just click here to check it out.


Everyone knows that in 20 years, we won’t be hiring people the way we do now. With Unitive, you can fast-forward today to a future where ability to do the job – not gender, race or ethnicity – guides the hiring process, and puts the focus on success.