April 25, 2017

Webinar: Five ways to keep your hiring process out of the headlines

We are in the midst of a digital transformation. Therefore, if your hiring process is broken, there’s a real risk that your team will land in the news. And as we all know, negative media backlash is very costly. However, there’s good news: research demonstrates how you can develop proven successful hiring processes through clearly defining your hiring process, implementing and sticking to it.

Five ways to keep your hiring process out of the headlinesTwo-time CEO and Unitive founder Laura Mather has done lots of research into finding how to assist you and your team in clearly defining your hiring process. Simply put, an hour spent with her would make anyone better at hiring. That’s exactly what we’d like to offer you and your team!  And for this webinar, we’ll focus on developing a hiring process so successful that it keeps your team out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On Wednesday April 26th at 10am PDT, Unitive will host its webinar: Five Ways to Use Hiring to Keep Your Company Out of the Headlines.

Attendees will learn:

  • What can go wrong in hiring processes
  • Why hiring process are broken
  • What your organization can do to successfully hire

Why a hiring webinar?

The world’s most successful companies already treat hiring as a critical business activity. They know the best team can outperform any other. They’ve seen it happen. Other companies find themselves competing with the giants for talent as well as business. These companies have been calling on Unitive to help them incorporate research-based best practices into their hiring process.

In response, we developed a series of working sessions on Values-Based Hiring. Great candidates aren’t those who went to the right schools. They’re the ones who will get up to speed fastest, be the most productive, and are the most likely to stay at your organization. You don’t identify them by superficial qualities. You identify them by their alignment with your values.

Our working sessions have been so successful that we wanted to share them with a wider audience. This hiring webinar will be the movie-trailer version of our feature-length hiring workshops!

Who should attend?

If you’re interested in what the scientific research tells us about how to make better hires, you should attend. If your HR team members are keen to make sure have a successful hiring process, then they should attend. Maybe your hiring managers complain that time spent hiring is time wasted. They should attend! Of course you’d like your interviewers to have the same ability to identify potential high performing employees. They should attend. If anyone is busy at that time, don’t worry. We’ll record the session and make it available afterwards. Or you could opt for the feature film version!

You can register for Five ways to keep your hiring process out of the headlines by following the link. We look forward to catching up with you tomorrow, April 26, 2017, at 10:00 AM PST!