August 2, 2017

Four new reasons to love Talent Sonar

We’re excited to share several new improvements to Talent Sonar: we hope you find it that much easier to make the right hiring decision every time. Check them out now!  


Setting a job’s hiring criteria


Before today’s release, when you started a new job you got suggestions and selected which skills and values you’re focusing on finding in your prospective candidates.

Now we help you take that process one step further by dragging and dropping each criteria into “Must have,”  “Nice to have” and “Preferred”:


This way hiring teams can communicate even more clearly to recruiters on what is most important to see in prospective candidates.


In addition to defining the job, “nice to have” versus “must have” comes into play when you use Talent Sonar for interviews. When you place a criteria in a given category, the scores interviewers give candidates’ skills and values are weighted accordingly so that a hiring decision focuses on the most important metrics. You’ll see this break down In the interview summary report:

Create interview plans better and faster with the new criteria assignment


Now you can assign interview questions to your team faster and with greater flexibility. Delegate skill and value areas to each interviewer in just a few clicks:

Interviewers now have greater flexibility when scoring candidates. If a skill or value comes up during the interview that they were not assigned, they can still submit a score for that area.

When you score candidates, you’ll see that where before you had just a thumbs up or thumbs down option for “values,” you now can choose from a five-point scale.

Resumes can now be printed


We heard you! You wanted to print out resumes from Talent Sonar, and now you can:  

Hide the timer in interviews if you want to


We heard from many of you that the timer could be distracting during the interview, so now we’ve given you the option to hide it.

Thanks for checking it out! We’d love to hear what you think.