October 5, 2017

Why we’re going to HR Tech next week

Technology is acting in a dual role of an enabler and a disruptor in HR. But, what does this shift mean for the workplace? What are some of the process changes that organizations need to prepare for in the upcoming year? How can organizations increase ROI, reduce turnover and create positive corporate culture?

If you’re anything like us, these are the questions we can’t stop talking about — and we can’t wait to take that conversation to HR Tech next week.

Nowhere is the convergence of HR and technology more visible than at the world-famous HR Tech Expo, the world’s largest conference and exposition on technology for HR executives. HR Tech is the most important event on how software, technology, and collaborative tools are bringing significant change in the way and the future of how we work.

The big ideas at this year’s HR Tech

This year we’re most eager to talk about:

  • The looming skills shortage and strategies TA teams can implement today to hone in on the talent they need most
  • The idea of mindful recruiting and the power that recruiters tap into when they move from application inundation to values-based assessment
  • Why the secret to serious ROI on candidate experience consistently comes back to an organization’s values and how they’re baked into applicant outreach

Come talk to us about these big ideas — and get a Talent Sonar demo! — at booth 2354H. Our product team would love to hear the way you’ve been using Talent Sonar and talk to you about upcoming features on our roadmap.  


Speakers not to miss

Also, we can’t wait to hear from:

  • Google’s Laszlo Bock on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Innovation and How to Get It Right
  • Bersin by Deloitte’s Josh Bersin Closing keynote: Digital HR: A New Architecture for Technology
  • Bloom & Wallace’s Naomi Bloom Mega session: The Business Value of Diversity & Inclusion and The Role of HR and HR Tech
  • CareerXroadsGerry Crispin in Enterprise-level Talent Acquisition Tech: The Practitioners Perspective
  • GoDaddy’s Zuri Bake on Battle of the brands: HR Agility vs The Employee Experience
  • Talent Function’s Elaine Orler in HR Tech 20/20: The Talent Acquisition Journey Forward