July 12, 2016

Hiring headaches? Unitive’s evidence-based approach is the antidote

Teams bent on innovation and scale are growing faster and stronger with Unitive, now available for free

Press release originally posted to PRNewswire


SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Over the last year, American workers spent 290 million hours on a task that is at once essential and universally despised: hiring. For too long, hiring has been the impossible art of balancing the pressure of making the right hire with getting through the time-suck process of filling an opening—writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews. While HR professionals have software applications specifically designed for their part of that job, the teams they serve rely on pen, paper and email alone, burning countless hours that take them away from their real jobs and leaving roles unfilled for too long.


That cycle of manual, time intensive work is finally getting the technology upgrade it deserves: meet Unitive, the app for teams seeking a totally new way to hire. Hiring managers (as in the ones making the final hiring decision), interviewers, team members everywhere can now sign up for Unitive for free and cut the time to hire in half, and reduce the hours they normally spend on the process by 30%.


Find the right person for your growing team, and fast: There’s an app for that


Instead of starting with a blank Word document, Unitive users source directly from a comprehensive, crowdsourced content database to effortlessly create the strongest possible job description in minutes. This job creation process also helps project the job’s requirements and success metrics. Next, hiring managers review resumes queued on their job in a screening process that hones in on the data points most relevant to job fit. Then Unitive automates creation of interview guides, which are then distributable to interviewers with a single click. Every interview question is structured to fact-find on the job’s pre-established requirements. Imagine every interviewer performing a professional, focused interview with zero prep. Unitive makes that happen.


At each of these steps, Unitive has built in academic findings and data-rich algorithms to displace bias with evidence. In the old way of hiring, harried and time-pressed interviewers default to gut-level impulses and conclusions about candidates in the absence of real data. With Unitive, decisionmakers get a roadmap to the right data points so that a hire is made in half the time of a candidate twice as strong.


How customers are already using Unitive today


Most people doing hiring-related tasks—whether the decision makers themselves or interviewers—have never been trained to hire. With Unitive entire teams are transformed into hiring experts. When your hiring decisions are smarter, your whole team is smarter. Starting now any growing team can sign up to use Unitive, and for free.


Recruiters who are partnering with hiring managers using Unitive say they have been transformed into consultants for their managers rather than just candidate sourcers. With Unitive they’re capturing real-time manager feedback on candidates at a more granular, usable level of detail, which means fewer rounds of cycling through candidates. With Unitive, hiring managers give not just qualitative but quantitative feedback on candidates making it easier to hold decision makers accountable to selecting the candidate with greatest indicator of high performance.


“To date, entire industries have focused on serving candidates, recruiters and HR professionals. What about the hiring managers and interviewers themselves? Unitive is a game-changer for the forgotten stakeholders in hiring—who coincidentally also have the greatest incentive, interest, and responsibility for finding the right person fast,” said Laura Mather, CEO and Founder of Unitive.



Go to Unitive.works to sign up and

  • Create quality job descriptions
  • Screen candidates for the competencies you want to focus on
  • Customize interview guides to your team’s competencies
  • Collect live interview feedback seamlessly, securely and effortlessly