May 10, 2017

4 new and improved features in our hiring software

Today we announced an entirely new name for our company: Talent Sonar. But that’s not all you’ll see that’s new around here! We’re excited to share several new improvements to our hiring software to make your hiring work just a little bit easier.

1. Streamlined job setup

Next time you go to create a job, you’ll see an entirely new pop up. This simple window consolidates a process that previously took you through a few different pages to complete job setup.

create a new job with Talent Sonar's recruitment softwareNow you can add a job title and with just a few clicks select from suggested skills and values that will inform recruiter’s sourcing criteria and the role’s interview process.

You can even enter skills or values into the “Job title” field to see jobs that have previously used those criteria.

Find job titles based on skills and values, using Talent Sonar's recruitment software


You’ll see that you can jump straight from this setup pop up to building an interview or pasting in a job description. For now you’ll skip the priority setting of skills and values that you may remember from before, but we’ll re-introduce that in our next release.

Also check out the new, simplified job description analyzer. Simply paste your job description into the single field to get immediate feedback on the quality and attractiveness of the job to potential applicants.

Edit job descriptions to find more qualified applicants, using Talent Sonar's hiring software

2. Filter and sort jobs

If you’re an admin user in your company’s account, or have saved or been shared a large volume of jobs, you’ll enjoy these major improvements to our search and filter feature on the Jobs dashboard. You can now narrow results on  “All Jobs”, your own jobs, “My Jobs” and then filter by “Open” or “Closed” jobs as well as selecting a job owner. This will help quickly locate the information you are looking for.

Filter and sort all your job descriptions, using Talent Sonar's hiring software

3. More options for anonymous resume review

If your team is on a paid enterprise plan, your admins can now request a system configuration to turn on anonymization of schools and employers. Get in touch here if you’d like to hear more or to request that update.

4. Miscellaneous interview questions

And lastly as you build an interview, you’ll see an entire new category of questions: Miscellaneous. Now you can assign standard interview overview questions to your interviewer team, like “Let me introduce myself.” or “Let me tell you about the company.” so that your team gets every reminder they need when they head into an interview.

Add interview questions using Talent Sonar's interviewing software

We hope you enjoy these new and better tools for your hiring team!  If you haven’t tried Talent Sonar yet, why not sign up for our free trial?