August 15, 2017

The interview app of your dreams

It’s a better time than ever to be an interviewer with Talent Sonar’s new interviewer app for iOS. Download it now!

Walk into every interview with a questions list in hand


Create your interview questions ahead of time, then carry them into the interview on your phone. With Talent Sonar on your phone, your interview questions are in your hand so you can remember what areas you need to assess a candidate on while maintaining a focused and non-distracting experience for the candidate.


Take interview notes on your phone

You can even jot notes on a piece of paper or a whiteboard, snap a pic and then upload those to submit along with your feedback.

When the manager or hiring team reviews the full feedback report in the desktop version of the app, they’ll see your photos alongside your scores.

Check it out today and let us know what you think!