August 2, 2016

Introducing multiple rounds for interviews

We’re not shy when it comes to admitting that there’s a lot we don’t get right the first time around. Today we’re happy to say that we’ve repaired one of those big misses. Starting now you can set up more than one round of interviews. Yep, imagine that—filling an open position can sometimes take more than just one cycle of interviewing! ;)


How you do it


Add a round: On a job’s dashboard you’ll now see an option to Add round. Click Add round to add an interview round at any time.



Edit each interview round: Click on the name of the round you want to edit to add interviewers and assign them areas to cover and questions to ask; or click the prompt to create an interview in the Up next list.


Delete a round: Mouse over the round name to get a gear icon. Click the gear icon and then click Delete round to delete that round.



Haven’t given it a try yet yourself? Signup today! And as always, please send us your feedback or tweet us at @weareunitive.