July 6, 2016

New & improved in v8: Bigger and better competency icons, easier to use tags, and more

Hello there everybody :) Here’s a quick roundup of some enhancements you may have noticed in this week’s release:

What’s new

Icons: Icons throughout the app now more clearly denote whether the competency you’re looking at is skill-, value-, or interview project-related:


Tags: There’s now a clearer distinction between which tags are suggested to you versus which tags you’ve selected as you build your job posting.


What’s improved

Resume upload: Uploading resumes was a time suck; now you can drag and drop a resume anywhere onto the job dashboard at anytime to get it uploaded.

Content suggestions: Before your working job description draft was clouded with previously used drafts. Now you’ll now only see one alternative.

We’re furiously working away to make every last one of your hiring dreams come true — look for more updates with the next release. Haven’t tried Unitive yet yourself? Signup today!