November 29, 2017

New in Talent Sonar: Sharing interviews is easier

We heard you! Share interviews in Talent Sonar with fewer clicks

Share interviews with one click

It’s easier than ever to share interview plans with your interview team.

(Before you can share the plans you have to create interview plans. If you haven’t created interview plans yet, click Round 1 to add interviewers and question assignments.)

To share interview plans with interviewers for a given candidate, check the box in the candidate’s row for the corresponding interview round:

Checking this box triggers an email notification to all interviewers:

As well as enables the button on the job dashboard that takes them to the interview start page:

Working with internal candidates


You can now handle internal and external candidates differently in Talent Sonar. By default, all candidates are treated as external candidates. To flag as “internal” a candidate who already works at your company but is being considered for the role, follow these steps.


First, upload the internal candidate’s resume with drag and drop or by clicking Add candidate.

Mouse over the candidate’s name in the job dashboard and click the gear icon to open their settings.

Click Edit.

Check the box for internal candidate, and then click Save.

This candidate now will have the flag “INTERNAL” on the job dashboard.


Sharing interview plans with interviewers differs when the candidate is internal versus external

When you check the interview round box for any external candidates, all interviewers listed in the interview plan will be slated to interview that candidate and will receive the email notification.


Note that if you add another interviewer after checking this box, you’ll need to click assign for that candidate, and then click Save in the “Interview Assignments” pop up:

When you check the interview round box for any internal candidates, you must click assign for that candidate. To swap out any interviewer you don’t want to interview that candidate, click Change interviewer and input the alternate interviewer’s name. Then click Save.

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