June 8, 2017

Talent Acquisition leaders – 6 qualities you’ll need in 2017 and onward

In the Talent Acquisition space, predictive algorithms, AI, and machine learning are all the buzz. What’s important to remember is that yes, technology is great and will advance the work we all do, but it is here as a supplement.  Meant to augment the work done by humans. The human factor is, and will always be, a company’s most valuable asset.  If you are a thought leader in the hiring space, you probably already know that there are specific qualities you’ll need to possess to be successful in the transforming talent acquisition world. In case you haven’t thought that far ahead, our team of experienced industry professionals agree this list of six key qualities summarize what you and your organization will need to succeed.


1. Set clear hiring criteria

You’re at the forefront of research-based recruitment best practices. Therefore, you know that setting clear skills and values before the sourcing process begins is necessary. You can ensure the candidate who is most qualified and most likely to be a good fit is the one that gets hired.

2. Stay fair and review resumes blindly

Help your hiring teams prioritize what matters for job success through identity-blind resume review. Produce a more inclusive workforce of people from underrepresented backgrounds. While simultaneously reducing the amount of hires who looked the part but were, in fact, less qualified.

3. Ask pre-planned questions in structured interviews

Always have a process in place before anyone speaks to your first candidate. Research finds structured interviews lead to more consistent and accurate candidate evaluations, resulting in more qualified hires.

4. Listen for corporate culture fit and values match

Use data to drive your teams’ hiring decisions, not your team’s gut. You want success in the talent acquisition world. So discontinue recruiting practices proven ineffective since job listings were actually posted in newspapers! With more data points from resume review and structured interview evaluations, you can finally understand if the candidate’s values align with the organization’s.

5. Lead your team by creating accountability

Research finds when interviewers know their candidate evaluations are going to be visible by their peers, they are more likely to focus on what is important for the role and less likely to fall back on personal biases.  

6. Remain firm in hiring the most qualified candidate regardless of race, gender or age

Capture the right data to make the best hiring decisions by recording feedback and scoring interviews in real-time. You leave nothing to chance and you effortlessly identify the highest-scoring candidates.

Organizations that implement the six practices described above are finding themselves ahead of their competition on making optimized hiring decisions.  Some of the world’s most successful organizations are calling on Talent Sonar. To take the guesswork out of hiring decisions and focus on what produces results for your team we invite you to sign-up for a free trial of our app or contact us at info@talentsonar.com for more information.