May 10, 2017

Unitive is now Talent Sonar: Find the right fit

Laura Mather
Laura Mather, founder and CEO

I’m overjoyed to announce that Unitive has changed its name to Talent Sonar. You won’t see any changes to our service or management, and our hiring software still offers the same great features. We remain committed to helping every company in every sector achieve the best in 21st century hiring practices. Our name change reflects a simple but deeply important lesson, which has transformed how we think about the hiring process, our mission, and the impact we want to have: we want to help you find the right fit.

Today, nearly everything companies do – from choosing their advertising strategies to mapping their shipping routes – is informed by data. Companies use sophisticated technology to find the best distribution techniques or build the most efficient factories But they still hire new employees using the same “gut” feelings our grandparents used.

In our era, every organization – no matter the size or stature – is being transformed by digital advances. Companies need the best teams that can adapt, think outside of the box, and provide imaginative solutions to complex problems. But how can companies expect 20th century hiring practices to build teams that are prepared to succeed in the 21st century?

When I started this company in 2014, I thought that data could also help me build a system that would dismantle unconscious bias in the hiring process. What I discovered, however, was that data-driven hiring can do so much more.

Using technology and data empowers anyone to structure their hiring process. With it, they can look beyond traditional markers of success. They can identify the true values and capacities that will help a candidate thrive at an organization. This is a new kind of hiring for fit. It prizes deeply held core beliefs over the superficial similarities that are often referred to as “culture fit.”

This approach to hiring doesn’t just yield a more equitable hiring process. It also yields more reliably strong hires. It yields teams that are aligned around a shared vision and goal, rather than around similarities in appearance or background. And it yields a workforce that is more agile, creative, and better prepared to handle the ups and downs of today’s competitive and ever-changing global markets. This is what happens when you find the right fit.

Same great software, now with more machine learning

Since 2014, Unitive has worked to empower companies through better hiring. Our comprehensive platform structures and guides the hiring process from start to finish. With it, we are able to drastically improve outcomes while also making the hiring process more positive for both HR teams and the candidates themselves.

As you know, our hiring software focuses on five hiring best practices. They are: prioritized job requirements, inclusive job descriptions, anonymized resume review, structured interviews, and data-driven hiring.  These help you find the right fit for your company from a broader, more qualified talent pool. A few months ago, we acquired Talent Sonar and its machine learning technology to strengthen and improve our anonymized resume review.

Ultimately, we realized that Talent Sonar was a better description of the services we offer. It also signaled a key component of our new mission. We innovate and operationalize the best in new technological solutions to address today’s hiring challenges. Our name change is a re-commitment to investing in the power of technology to build exceptional teams.

As we broadcast this exciting news to our full customer-base and beyond, I’d like to invite you to join us for our May 18 webinar “Level Your Playing Field: AI for Better Hiring” with special guest Freada Kapor Klein, in which we’ll showcase our identity-anonymizing machine learning technology.

And thanks, as always, for everything you do.