January 24, 2017

Interview like a pro with our mobile interview app

Interviewing someone for a job can be as painful for the interviewer as for the candidate. That’s why we launched our Unitive mobile interview app, available now for iPhone in the app store.

Interviewing is hard

Most of us have experienced skimming the poor candidate’s resume just before walking into the interview room. Maybe you’ve googled “best interview questions” at the last minute, to give you ideas of something to ask. Let’s face it, we’re busy and our actual day-to-day jobs tend to take priority.

But that’s not fair on the candidate, and it’s not fair on your company or team either. Poorly prepared interviews can introduce unconscious bias, making it hard to know who’s the best candidate, and can get in the way of hiring the best candidate for the job.

We all know what makes a good interview:

  • Asking every candidate the same questions, based on the skills and values you’re searching for
  • Taking good notes of their responses, in a standard format you can compare later
  • Making eye contact and engaging with the interviewee

If you’re using a pen and paper, or staring at your laptop, you’ll find it hard to manage all of these at once.

Take your interview on the road

It’s 2017. There’s gotta be a better way. We felt this pain, so we built the Unitive mobile app to ease our own hiring process.

unitive mobile interviewing app for ios


With our app:

  • Your questions are right there on your phone screen.
  • Given permission, you can record your interviewee’s words.
  • You can bookmark key insights.
  • You can grab a photo of any extra-impressive whiteboard work.
  • When you’re done, you can rate the candidate and send your feedback instantly!

Our mobile app is integrated with Unitive’s fully-featured hiring software, so you can create your interview questions at your desk before taking the mobile app to the interview.  Our platform’s free to use and you can sign up and play around first, or create an account through the app after you download it from the app store.

Getting started

Are you ready to get started? Then let’s go. First, you’ll create a free Unitive account on the Web. You can sign up here. Once you’ve completed the sign up form, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email, and your account will be verified. Go ahead and log in!

Now you’ll create a job. Click on New Job at the top right of your screen. Let’s say we’re hiring an iOS Engineer. Type that in the field under the NEW JOB heading. Unitive will suggest various keywords. Let’s choose:

  • “iOS Software Engineer”,
  • “iOS”, and
  • “Knowledge of iOS development.”

Define skills and values

As you scroll down, you’ll see that Unitive has suggested five Skills and five Values you might want in an iOS Engineer. Our software uses the skills and values you define here to suggest relevant interview questions. Under Skills, select:

  • “Agile methodology”,
  • “Cocoa”, and
  • “Communication skills”.

Under Values, select:

  • “Collaboration”,
  • ‘Customer focus”, and
  • “Compassion”.

At the bottom of the screen, click Next.

The next screen, titled ORDER COMPETENCIES, allows you to assign priorities to skills and values. We’ll skip this for now. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Next. The next screen is titled NEW JOB DESCRIPTION. Again, we’ll skip for now. Scroll down and click Save. Unitive will show you an empty Job Description. Click Close.

On the next screen you can drag and drop as many resumes as you like. If you don’t have a resume on file, here’s one you can use. Once you’ve added an applicant or two, select an applicant by clicking one of the boxes underneath Round 1, then click on Round 1. This will take you to the BUILD INTERVIEW screen:

interview question builder - screenshot

Build a sample interview

We’re ready to build a structured interview. In the field next to Add Interviewers, start typing your name, and add yourself as an interviewer. Unitive will immediately suggest questions relevant to the skills and values you defined earlier.

Click on the plus sign next to the first question under Skills, then assign the question to yourself. Move to the Values tab and do the same with the first question under that. Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Schedule interview.

This takes you to the SCHEDULE INTERVIEW screen. Unitive will suggest a time and date. Click on Save to accept the suggestion. Now switch to your iPhone and log in to the Unitive app with the same username and password you used for the Web.

There’s your interview, all ready to go!

Click on the applicant’s name and then Start. Unitive will display your first question. Hit the big red button to record, the star to bookmark, and the camera to take a picture. Swipe left on the question to move to the next question.

Conduct the best structured interview of your life, wow every candidate with a great experience, and let the best person win!