January 4, 2018

This week in D&I: Taking action on harassment, making civility the norm, and diversifying AI

Welcome to 2018! At Talent Sonar, we have only one New Year’s resolution: deliver the world’s best hiring solution. If that aligns with your resolution to eliminate bias and hire better in 2018, let’s talk.

Read on for a roundup of headlines that got our attention this week, resources you can take back to your team, and recent research findings.

In the news

Time to take action

Over 300 prominent Hollywood women have formed Time’s Up, an ambitious initiative to fight sexual harassment in Hollywood and, critically, in blue-collar workplaces nationwide. The group’s initiatives include:

  • A legal defense fund to help less privileged women fight harassment. The fund has already raised $13 million. You can donate here.
  • Promoting legislation to penalize companies that tolerate persistent harassment.
  • Promoting legislation to discourage the use of nondisclosure agreements to silence victims. (Microsoft has recently announced they would end the practice.)
  • A drive to reach gender parity at studios and talent agencies by 2020. Already, ICM has pledged to reach that goal.

We applaud Time’s Up for taking concrete steps toward structural change. Structural change sounds intimidating, but there are steps everyone can take. YOU can help work toward gender parity at your organization, which research shows decreases harassment, by pledging to make your recruiting and hiring practices more fair. Get a demo of Talent Sonar to learn how.  

Resources & webinars

[Webinar] 31 Recruiting Hacks for Sourcing and Diversity Recruiting

January 17th, 2018 at 10AM PT

Hosted by Lever

[Webinar] 5 Performance Management Trends to Watch in 2018

Tuesday, January 9th at 11 AM PST

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What we’re reading

How to make civility the norm on  your team

“Be civil” sounds like the bare minimum for workplace conduct, but anyone who has experienced a dysfunctional workplace knows otherwise. Incivility often goes unchecked until there are major problems like lawsuits, bad PR, or the loss of key employees. How can managers ensure that people on their team treat each other well?

According to Georgetown professor of management Christine Porath, step one is to articulate values and set expectations: “This starts in the interview process when you have the opportunity to articulate your values to prospects during the hiring process.”

Need help putting that advice into practice? Talent Sonar makes hiring for values like civility easy. Every time a new job is created, users are prompted to select the skills and values required for the job. Then we provide an interview plan that assesses candidates on those criteria. Give it a try.

What recent research tells us about women at work

Harvard Business Review found that some of their most viewed articles in 2017 were on studies of how women are treated, and behave, at work. They created this handy Cliff’s Notes version of the top six studies, which answer questions like: Why do some women stop competing for top jobs? Do  men or women respond better to competitive pressure? Are women less proactive in seeking mentorship? We love research and we love time-saving summaries. Enjoy!

Google highlights recent efforts to increase diversity in AI

Artificial Intelligence is poised to have a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. But many bright minds are concerned that AI will be limited or biased by the homogeneity of the current field. Luckily, Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of AI and machine learning at Google Cloud, and others are creating exciting programs like SAILORS and AI4ALL to increase diversity.


Keep the good news coming, 2018!