August 12, 2016

This week in the workplace: Startups, interviews today, and the hiring of tomorrow




LinkedIn’s Top Four Hiring Secrets For Small Businesses And Startups. If there’s one thing to takeaway from this recap of their workplace research from LinkedIn’s own VP of talent solutions, it’s this: 87% of the 26,000 professionals LinkedIn surveyed said they wanted to work at a company with fewer than 200 employees. If we weren’t sure of it already, this is a certain sign that corporate America will continue to shift its culture to look more like smaller and scrappier companies to better attract talent.


Not getting the interesting candidates you want? Try something new. The methods companies have relied on for years to cull through candidates and select a hire are no longer effective at surfacing the best person for the job. Rather than having the specific criteria in mind that makes someone right for a job, sourcers instead rely on “weed out” criteria: no degree, wrong school, wrong experience, criminal record: seems harmless enough, but millions of hires later companies are still confused why they keep bringing on “more of the same. Free yourself from the cycle by starting with a skills-based approach.


Why it’s okay to talk about your mom in a professional interview. In this week’s installment of our podcast, Interview the Interviewer, we hear from Pat Reilly of PR and Company on the go to question she asks everyone she interviews: What did you learn from your mother? She describes how it gets right to the professional competency she’s looking for (someone who walks away from every experience having learned something) as well as cuts through the professional formality that may keep some candidates from talking freely and honestly as their real selves.

9 questions to ask before you accept that startup job. Whether you’re the candidate considering a job at a startup, or a manager trying to talk a candidate into that position, the legendary James Altucher raises 9 talking points to keep in mind.

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