January 18, 2017

Why we acquired TalentSonar

You scramble to hire the people who can help your company grow. Anything that gets in the way is annoying. We know that. So we won’t take up too much of your time explaining how TalentSonar fits into the Unitive story.

Just like you, we struggle to find the talent we need. We’re not just building a hiring platform. We’re trying to make sure our software and customers can test new ideas and learn from their mistakes.

We know we can’t build every best-in-class tool. When we aren’t the experts, we outsource to reliable, trusted partners. Our TalentSonar relationship started this way. We adapted their blind resume review for our platform. It worked so well, we realized that its creators, Alvin Loh and Hui Dai, ought to be working for Unitive. Now they do.

talentsonar founders

What does this mean for TalentSonar customers?

TalentSonar’s #1 Boolean Search String Generator, TalentSonar Channels & Analytics and Resume Anonymization technology and API will remain available to its customers. From your point of view, nothing should change, except for the better. TalentSonar now has more resources at its disposal and is part of a bigger vision. You don’t have to use the broader Unitive platform if it doesn’t meet your needs. That said, we’ll be thrilled if you try out. Let us know what you think.

What does this mean for Unitive customers?

As a Unitive customer, you already use TalentSonar every time you review a resume. TalentSonar’s software made it possible for us to revise and improve our resume review module in late 2016.

There’s lots more we can do together. Alvin and Hui both hail from Microsoft, where they learned natural language and machine learning techniques from the best in the business. These approaches underpin TalentSonar’s technology. We’re going to apply these techniques across Unitive’s entire suite. We can’t wait to get started.