January 9, 2018

What it means to win gold in the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards

Our team at Talent Sonar could not be prouder to win GOLD in the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards—and in the category of our dreams: Best Advance in Unique Talent Acquisition Technology.

Being named the best advance in unique talent acquisition technology is such a high honor because it sums up what we’ve been striving for at Talent Sonar: to be unique while solving an important problem.

Talent Sonar offers a completely new approach to the critically important and fundamental problem of how hiring teams can weed through hay piles of human potential to find their needle, the most qualified candidate and right fit for their team.

Rarely do teams select the precisely unique, right fit for their team—and we won’t stop till they do so in every hiring decision. Our solution is rigorous in its science-backed approach to human decision making, and is uncompromising on the idea that when hiring teams minimize unconscious bias in their hiring decisions they maximize their team’s potential. Celebrate with us by sharing!

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