November 29, 2017

Talent Sonar and Workday: We made the perfect match to make your life easier!

We’re excited to announce that a seamless end-to-end integration is now available for Workday and Talent Sonar.

When your team takes advantage of the Talent Sonar-Workday integration, hiring managers focus on their task load in Talent Sonar and don’t have to sign in to Workday. Recruiters make jobs and candidates available and when hiring managers access Talent Sonar, the info they need to focus on is at the forefront. Interviewers likewise can use Talent Sonar to submit interview feedback, and this material is immediately available to the recruiting team back in Workday for candidate follow up.

Companies that use Talent Sonar attract 30% more qualified candidates with improved job descriptions, they see 40% more underrepresented minorities make it to the interview phase, and the select hires with structured interviews that result in 2x better candidate fit and greater than 90% confidence level in hiring decision makers.

Now there’s no reason for Workday users not to use Talent Sonar for every decision their hiring teams make.

Check it out today!