Webinar: September 14, 2017, 10:00 AM PST

Creating a Positive Corporate Culture

Changing people’s minds won’t change a company culture. With the recent incidents of sexual harassment, anti-diversity manifestos and poor diversity reports, shocking headlines, companies are increasingly considering whether their cultures will move them successfully towards accomplishing their business goals or get them in trouble.

After identifying a problem with how workers experience their organization’s environment, executives often immediately look to change the people within the organization. However, while trying to change the attitudes of the people within an organization can help, process change is required to truly move towards a new corporate culture.

To ensure an organization is truly inclusive, companies should employ practices that encourage diversity, such as ensuring hiring and promotion decisions are fair.

In this webinar, Iris Bohnet, behavioral economist and Professor at Harvard University, and Laura Mather, CEO of Talent Sonar, will discuss the recent interest in improving corporate culture, and pros and cons of various techniques for undergoing a culture shift.

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